Our company has been growing fruit saplings in Turkey since 1990. Parlar Fidan has been a leading company in sapling production through the cloned rootstocks which it has both obtained from tissue culture laboratories and produced in its own facilities. We work with six breeding companies from four countries. Our company aims at being a leader and produces certified fruit saplings in European standards for its customers. We, as Parlar Fidan, export our products to nine countries. In our studies, we are aiming at being your solution partner company always by gaining the confidence of you, our estimable growers.

THE PRODUCTS SOLD :   Fruit Sapling Varieties    ( Peach Sapling, Nectarine Sapling, Plum Sapling, Sour Cherry Sapling, Apricot Sapling, Pear Sapling, Quince Sapling, Cherry Sapling, Apple Sapling, Pomegranate Sapling, Fig Sapling, Kiwi Sapling, Almond Sapling, Walnut Sapling, Persimmon Sapling )

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