Summer Red Apple Sapling


TREE: Trees develop strongly and form a semi-splayed crown. It is a very fertile variety and it is well compatible with all rootstocks.

FRUIT: The fruit is medium-sized cylindrical round shape. The fruit is red in color on a light green background and has a yellow speckle.

HARVEST TIME: Between 15 July and 25 July.

POLLINATORS: Golden Delicious, Gala group, Breaburn, Vista Bella and Granny Smith varieties.

Williams Pride Apple Sapling


TREES: It develops strongly and forms a flat crown. It is resistant to black spots and many apple diseases. It is protected from late frosts due to blossoming.

FRUIT: It has an excellent fruit quality although it is early. The fruit is well-behaved, medium-sized under good maintenance conditions. The fruit peel is 70-90% dark red top color on green-yellow background. It is strong to hold on to the branch.

HISTORY OF HARVEST: Between 25 July and 5 August.

DELICATES: The Gala band is Golden Delicious, Vista Bella and Jersey Mac.

Buckeye Gala Apple Sapling


TREE: Trees develop in a strong and semi-upright form.

FRUIT: According to other Gala types, color formation starts earlier and the coloration is more intense. Gala type is the best color, especially in low-altitude areas. The top color of the shell is 90% -100% red. The fruit has a flavored flavor and excellent taste.

HARVEST TIME: Between 5 August and 15 August.

POLLINATORS: Golden Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith.

Mondial Gala Apple Sapling

Origin: New Zealand

TREE: Trees are strong and broadly developed, a very strong variety.

FRUIT: Fruit peel is darker than Royal Gala, intensely reddish orange color on lighter yellow background than Galaxy Gala. Fruits are creamy in color, hard, juicy, flavored and sweet.

HARVEST TIME: It is between 12 August and 22 August.

POLLINATORS: Fuji, JerseyMac, Breaburn, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith.

Galaxy Gala Apple Sapling

Origin: New Zealand

TREE: Trees are strong and broad-growing, high-yielding, medium-early in the best varieties and is used as a fertilizer in many varieties.

FRUIT: Fruits are medium in size and red in color and have a marked longitudinal line. Fruits are creamy, hard, juicy and sweet.

HARVEST TIME: August 15 to August 25.

POLLINATORS: Fuji, JerseyMac, Breaburn, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith.

Schniga Gala Apple Sapling









TREE: Trees are strong, semi-steep and fast develops. It is a kind of regular fruit.

FRUIT: Gala is the most vivid variety of varieties, but the most red and the largest fruit. It is almost full in medium altitude areas. They form very large fruits. In addition to having the same flavor characteristics as the other Gala varieties, it is the indispensable choice of customers looking for a gala flavor with its storage strength thanks to the hardness of the fruit. When combined with other varieties, it gives very high and continuous yield.

HARVEST TIME: Between 25 August and 5 September.

POLLINATORS: Golden group and Fuji group.

Jeromine Apple Sapling









TREE: Trees develop strongly. Therefore, unlike the other red varieties M9 rootstock can be grafted into the full scrub gardens can be obtained.

FRUIT: The Red Deliciuos group is one of the most attractive and most attractive in apples. Its fruit is medium in size, fruit flesh is hard, sweet and juicy.

HARVEST TIME: 28 August to 10 September.

POLLINATORS: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith.

Scarlet Spur Apple Sapling








TREE: Tree is a highly efficient variety that develops spur and semi upright. Semi-dwarf and strong apple rootstocks should be preferred.

FRUIT: Fruits are medium size, good maintenance conditions are large and a long conical shape. The upper level of the peel is dark bright plastering red covering 85-90%. It is preferred by manufacturers because of its very early coloration. Fruit meat is creamy, sweet, hard, juicy and delicious.

HARVEST TIME: Between 1 September and 15 September.

POLLINATORS: Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala Group and Breaburn varieties.

Pink Lady Apple Sapling

Origin: Australia

Tree Features: Semi-erect and develop very fast. Very efficient variety. Compatible with dwarf and semi-dwarf rootstocks.

Fruit: medium sized, long cylindrical shape. Light cream color. Can be stored in cold air plants for a long time. The color of the crust is pink in color on a light yellow background.

Pollinator: Grany Smith and Fuji

Harvest Time: 01 November – 13 November

Red Chief


TREE: Tree is a highly productive variety that grows weak and semi-steep. Tree growth is good in semi-dwarf clonal rootstocks.

FRUIT: The fruit is medium size, large, flat shape. The fruit crust color is bright red on the yellow ground. Flesh is creamy white, sweet, hard, juicy and delicious. It can be stored for a long time in cold air installations.

DATE OF HARVEST: It is between 5th September and 20th September.

ROTATORS: Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Gala Group and Breaburn varieties.